The last thing you want to happen during the summer’s heat is to have your air conditioner break down, making AC maintenance a top priority for your home and work environments. Having a professional help service your system regularly could prevent breakdowns by keeping this critical part of your HVAC system running optimally. Maintenance can address issues before they affect operations or damage other system components when done regularly. Preparing for the high heat of late summer in New Jersey will help keep everyone cool as the temperature and humidity outside continue to rise.

AC Maintenance Starts in Spring

Your annual maintenance schedule should at least include a visit from a professional before the unit is forced into service all day during the hot summer months. Some things that spring maintenance can address include:

  • Cleaning out debris
  • Addressing weather-related damage
  • Fluids and lubricants

When your air conditioner sits idle over the winter, it can collect dust, dirt, and other debris, especially around outdoor housing. Blockages and build-up can prevent optimal operations and may cause damage due to overheating.

As part of spring maintenance, a trained technician can verify all your intake vents are clear and help remove leaves and other matter that settles in or around the housing. Replacing filters helps to maintain proper airflow as your AC runs. Cleaning off the coils can help dissipate heat as refrigerant runs through them. Trained technicians can also find things you might not consider, like branches that cover or touch the unit that needs trimming.

Drain lines are another culprit that can reduce your AC’s efficiency as they get blocked due to excessive condensation or things like yard debris. Knowing where to look for issues is one advantage a trained technician has over a homeowner doing an inspection. Regular maintenance allows a technician to examine your unit and look for signs of blocked drains. They will remove things before clogs occur, which might save wear and tear on your HVAC when the temperature soars.

Weather in New Jersey can run from hot and humid in the summer to cold and icy during winter. The elements can negatively impact your air conditioner, making regular AC maintenance a great way to discover weather-related damage or potential issues before they escalate.

Standing water can become an issue in and around outdoor housing as snow and ice cycle between freezing and melting. Heavy rains can also cause water to build up and around the housing. The problem with standing water is that it can develop into mold issues that impact the air quality. Other weather-related problems spring maintenance can address are things like damage to outdoor housing caused by excessive winds or components affected by the freezing and heating cycle over the winter.

Getting maintenance on your AC can also help keep everything lubricated and filled. When your system sits idle over the winter months, lubricants will tend to settle, and some parts may lose their coating. A technician can grease any moving parts that need it, helping to prevent wear and tear that leads to breakdowns. You might notice that your air conditioner isn’t cooling your indoor spaces as efficiently as it did the season before. It might need its refrigerants topped off, something a trained professional with the right tools can do quickly and efficiently.

Maintenance After Late Summer Heat

Many businesses and homes run the air conditioning for hours daily during late summer to combat the extreme heat, making fall another crucial time to perform regular maintenance. While fall is associated with getting your heater ready for the upcoming cold, it is also a great time to inspect your air conditioning for wear and tear that naturally occurs after running your AC non-stop for months and preparing it for winter.

With HVAC systems like heat pumps, a trained technician can inspect the drains to verify condensation is exiting the housing, examine moving components like fans for normal operation, and verify that all wires and other connections are ready to switch to heat. Inspect external housing for damage from hail or heavy rains that generate standing water.

Filters and registers need cleaning or replacement to keep air flowing properly on all air conditioning systems. Outside units that will be idle for months can have a partial covering that protects against falling ice or debris like broken limbs or a full enclosure that shields the entire unit from the elements.

Keeping Your AC Running Efficiently

One advantage that regular maintenance provides that gets overlooked is the ability to keep your air conditioning running efficiently. Getting your AC checked out by a trained technician routinely helps you perform services you might otherwise forget to do.

The top issue here is changing out filters. Clogged filtration reduces airflow, meaning less cool air coming into your home or business during the late summer. Debris can also build up on the cages around fans and other moving parts that prevent air from circulating properly. Dirty condenser coils will prevent optimal heat release as the coolant passes through them. All of these issues get negated through a regular maintenance schedule.

Another common issue that reduces air conditioner efficiency is short cycling. While dirty filters might cause your unit to shut off before a full cooling cycle is complete, it can also develop from:

  • Dirty/frozen evaporator coils
  • Low refrigerant
  • Malfunctioning controls

Your thermostat is another point of concern. Thermostat sensors can become dirty and give improper readings. Many of today’s controls are wireless, meaning they operate on batteries that do lose a charge over time. Accidental bumps and power surges can also create inaccurate readings. Having your thermostat examined during maintenance verifies it reads air temperature properly and operates your AC efficiently.

Maintenance Can Save You Money

Paying for regular air conditioning maintenance can be cheaper than the costs of breakdown repairs or complete system replacements. Many companies offer programs that can increase savings while offering scheduled maintenance. Scheduled maintenance helps reduce the number of service calls your HVAC system will need through preventative care that addresses issues before they require expensive repairs.

Another indirect way that routine service by a trained technician can help is through the money you save by having an efficiently running air conditioner. When your system uses less electricity to cool indoor air, you pay less on your monthly power bills. The money saved here could pay for the costs of a scheduled maintenance program. Lastly, parts warranties may require installation and service by trained technicians to prevent coverage from being voided.

Air Conditioner Maintenance and More

Our technicians can help with more than maintaining your air conditioning; we also provide AC repairs and installations for commercial or residential properties. We can also help with your heating needs, making us your one-stop shop for anything HVAC related. See why our experience and training have built a strong reputation since 2014. If you need AC maintenance or any other services we provide in Metuchen, NJ, and the surrounding region, contact Sam's Air Control today and let us help you with your HVAC needs!

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