• Up 80% Of Entire Project Forgiven
    • 60 Months Financing Through On Bill Repayment
      For 0% APR
    • No Up Front Cash Required

    (SBDI) program is designed to help small businesses and organizations use less and save more. We make improving your business’s energy efficiency easy and affordable, helping you save now and for the long haul. Our program caters to commercial customers with PSE&G meters, excluding those situated in Urban Enterprise Zones. This initiative is designed to benefit businesses beyond Urban Enterprise Zones within the PSE&G service area.

    Instead of being hindered by unexpected emergency replacements, the program promotes proactive early replacements, allowing you to harness the benefits of rapid technological advancements. Gradually, the upgrades to your system will not only lead to long-term energy savings but will also demonstrate a quicker return on investment than you might anticipate. Embrace this opportunity to not only enhance the efficiency of your systems but also to make a positive impact on your bottom line and the planet.

    Businesses have the flexibility to select their preferred trade ally from a roster of pre-approved contractors, also known as the “open network.” Navigating through extensive information can be overwhelming, and at Sam's Air Control, we understand the challenge. That’s why our commitment is to alleviate the burden for you, guiding you to the most fitting PSEG Direct Install program. Your peace of mind is our priority!